LenTotally Biography

LenTotally Biography

LenTotally Biography

LenTotally Gacha – Outed for Dating a 14-Year-Old Girl?

I’m sure you’ve heard of LenTotally gacha, but did you know he’s been accused of grooming a 14-year-old girl? Yes, it’s true. The disgraced YouTuber apologized for his actions and removed his community posts.

LenTotally gacha is a disgraced YouTuber.

Gacha fanatic LenTotally has faced numerous accusations from both online gamers and YouTubers. To clear his name, he created a video addressing the situation. The video received massive views, and he defended himself against the criticisms. His videos still use the Gacha Life base, but they are now animated.

LenTotally is a popular YouTuber who became famous for his Gacha videos. The 20-year-old is a native of the Philippines and has a large subscriber base. He has posted on YouTube for about a year. His latest video has received more than 1 million views, but comments have been disabled. As a result, fans have taken to social media to voice their opinions.

He groomed a 14-year-old

When LenTotally was outed as dating a 14-year-old girl, he decided to delete his Discord, Instagram, and gaming channels. He then uploaded a pathetic apology video. The video got mixed reactions. Some people claimed that LenTotally was gas lighting the victim, while others defended and forgave him. this later removed the sub from the site, and LenTotally took down all his comments.


The controversy began when a fan posted a video accusing LenTotally of inappropriate behavior. The video shows a man and a minor interacting in explicit manners. It also features screenshots showing the alleged interaction. Many fans took to social media to express their disapproval of the scandal. LenTotally later responded to the claims, saying that an underage fan started flirting with him.

Although LenTotally is not innocent, he should be punished. He is a pedophile and a child groomer. He is an evil person and should be put behind bars. His victims will be traumatized for a very long time.

He apologized to his community.

After being outed by his community for dating a 14-year-old, LenTotally has apologized to his community but has not yet confirmed the allegations. Len, whose real name is Xynisteri, is known for his videos on Gacha Club and Gacha Life. His videos have drawn mixed reactions from the community, but many have expressed their forgiveness.

He apologized to his community and has now removed his gaming channel. The incident led to a flurry of reactions from his fans. Some even claimed that LenTotally was grooming their community. In response, LenTotally has deleted his gaming channel and blocked comment sections. The video has received more than a million views Fans are communicating their disappointment via web-based entertainment. The controversial YouTuber claims he did nothing wrong and said the underage fan started flirting first.

The video was shared by Gacha Life domain Kurie, who said it was a response to LenTotally’s video. This video discussed victim blaming and debunked the video posted by Oopsie. However, he later revealed that the video contained a video about the victim. After Kurie’s video went viral, viewers realized that Kurie had accidentally revealed the victim’s identity. The video was temporarily marked as “self-harm,” but Leo later uploaded the video again.

After the controversy, Leo apologized to his community for his previous actions. He also apologized for his previous controversial comments. He has also stated that he will not tolerate a “hostile environment.”

He deleted all his community posts.

After being accused of grooming the community, LenTotally deleted all his community posts and videos. He also blocked the comment sections on his videos. In the aftermath, he lost over 20,000 subscribers. He also deleted his gaming channel. The community reacted negatively to this change, as many people called for him to be arrested and turned over to the police.

While LenTotally’s behavior is a sad story, it is important to remember that his actions resulted from his negligence. He was the one responsible for grooming a 14-year-old child. Although he may not be a pedophile, he is a child groomer and should be punished accordingly. He should be jailed.

LenTotally has become famous on YouTube for his Gacha videos. He is a twenty-year-old Filipino who has amassed over 6K subscribers. He has been posting to YouTube for about a year. His latest video has garnered over 1 million views. However, he has disabled comments on all of his videos.

He has three girlfriends.

LenTotally is a Filipino YouTuber who uploads videos about Gacha life and Gacha Club. While Len does speak Filipino, he prefers to speak English. He has a younger brother named Alec. Fans are upset over his recent behavior, so they took to social media to voice their opinions. Len responded by stating that he did not initiate the flirtation, but his underage fan did.

He has a younger brother.

LenTotally gacha started his YouTube career as Len Zide before changing his name to LenTotally. He also adopted the sarcastic name of Allen. He has a younger brother named Alec. He was born on June 13, 2000, and is a Gemini.

LenTotally has been gaining attention for his Gacha videos and is a popular YouTuber. He has a following of over 6K subscribers on YouTube and has been posting videos for about a year. His latest video has racked up more than one million views, though comments are disabled.


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