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Who is Jiyushi?

J I Y U S H I, more often known as Yuzy, is a verified user on GachaTube who is famous for their GCMVs, skits, and trends centering their own original characters. As of February 2023, their channel has 757,008 subscribers, and over 113,308,880 videos have been viewed on it. Their most popular video is titled ” GCMV • Tomboy • By: Yu,” and it has had more than 10 million views.


At first, there were three persons who owned it: Jimon, Yuzy, and Yoshi. Jimon and Yuzy were the only ones who posted. However, over time, Jimon and Yoshi stepped down as the owner due to personal reasons[1, and at this point only Yuzy remains as the current owner of the channel. Previously, the channel had a total of three owners.

Jiyushi Official Character

Yuzy Female OC

Yuzy’s primary persona features jet-black horns protruding from the top of her head and has shoulder-length white hair cut into a bob with a sleek finish that reaches her shoulders. She has bright ruby eyes, and the words “cat whispers” are printed in pink on her cheeks. She accessorises her look with cat socks and black flat shoes in addition to a white and magenta hoodie, black shorts with a bright pink belt, and cat socks. Her primary persona is susceptible to a few tweaks here and there.


Male OC

The secondary ego that Yuzy uses has short, white hair, and the hair in front of their head is curly. His head was adorned with what appeared to be black horns with purple outlining. The colour of the eye on his left side is purple, whereas the eye on his right side is red. A dark smudge traverses the entirety of his face. He is decked out in a black shirt with purple sleeves and a long silver necklace that dangles below his collarbone. It looks like he’s wearing purple shoes with white trousers. He is open to some small adjustments.



The primary incarnation of Jimon [2] was shown as having creamy pink hair, black ears, and white horns protruding from their head. They were dressed in all black, including a black choker, a magenta blouse, a black corset, black shorts, and black socks with white stripes. It appeared like they were wearing a koi tail that was drooping below their hip. It cannot be determined what colour their eyes were.


Yoshi In his primary incarnation, [3] Yoshi was depicted with pastel blue hair tucked in a bun behind his head and lime green eyes. They wore a pink suit with a black jacket that had white sleeves, black shorts, white socks, and pink shoes to finish off their ensemble. The pink shoes were the finishing touch. On top of their head was a leaf clip that included the colours yellow and pink in the leaves.

Jiyushi's Original Characters


Helena is a blue-haired girl of 19 years old with lavender round eyes who is now in a relationship with the character Ryan. She made her first appearance on YouTube alongside Ryan in the video ” GCMV • Suki Suki Daisuki – Oc story • By: Yu.” Helena had been dating Anesth[4] and was very pleased with the connection she had at the time before she met him. This immediately comes to an abrupt stop when it is revealed by Ryan that her (then) boyfriend has been cheating on her with another girl. Ryan’s revelation puts an end to this.


Keiro is a raven 19-year-old with red eyes and a massive scar cut across his left eye. He is said to be the guitarist of a school band and was first shown on Youtube in the video ” GCMV • Trust Fund Baby • By: Yu” together with Yumi[5].


Noah is a purplenette male with chromatic eyes who is frequently seen wearing sunglasses that are sitting below his eyes. Noah was first introduced to the public on YouTube in the video ” Gacha Story OC”I found you bitch”//spoil next gcmv// By: Yu.” Violet is strongly hinted to be the object of his romantic attention.


Yin and Rinfu were first seen together in the video ” GCMV • Stay • By: Yu” on YouTube. Rinfu, who is 19 years old and has lavender eyes, is one of the two main characters in the video. She exhibits extroverted and social behaviours, such as constantly flirting with and following Yin around. It can be inferred that Yin is her romantic interest.


Rio Sano, a 20-year-old brunette with black eyes, was first made known to the public on YouTube through the video ” GCMV • Love Me • By: Yu,” in which she appeared alongside Tofu. It has been demonstrated that he is outgoing, talented at basketball, and has a tender place for flowers. He is now involved with the character Tofu in a romantic relationship.


Ryan is a boy with raven hair and yellow dye that has faded out over the years. He was first presented on Youtube alongside Helena in the video ” GCMV • Suki Suki Daisuki – Oc story • By: Yu.” Ryan is 20 years old. His pupils are shaped like a heart, with the left side being pink and the right side being white. His eyes are a dull yellow colour. He is romantically involved with the fictional character Helena. He is shown to have an almost unhealthy level of fascination with Helena throughout the videos that surround his relationship with her, and his character biography states “Love Helena, Love Helena, Love Helena” on the area for his interests and likes.



Tofu Aoki is a 19-year-old brunette with vivid pink eyes. She was first presented to the public on YouTube with the video ” GCMV • Love Me • By: Yuu,” in which she appeared alongside Rio. She is revealed to have a gentle manner of speech, and she takes pleasure in reading books. She also has a sweet spot for flowers. Rio, who plays a role in the show, is her boyfriend at the moment.



Violet is a 20-year-old brunette with gentle pink dye that complements her dark eyes. She was first introduced on the internet through the video ” GCMV • Tomboy • By: Yu.” She is portrayed to be an extrovert who takes a position for what she believes to be right and wrong, frequently resorting to violence as a means to achieve her goals. It is assumed that Noah is her romantic interest.



Yin is a 19-year-old brunette with dark brown eyes who was first made known to the internet audience through the video ” GCMV • Stay • By: Yu,” which was uploaded to YouTube alongside Rinfu. It is clear that he is an introvert because he prefers to be in calm environments and steers clear of boisterous spaces. It is assumed that Rinfu is the object of his romantic attention.


Yumi was first seen by internet users in the video ” GCMV • Trust Fund Baby • By: Yu,” which was uploaded to YouTube and featured Keiro. Yumi is a 19-year-old blonde with pink eyes and is depicted as the lead vocalist of a high school band[5].


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