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Aswani Meow

About Aswani Meow

Who is Aswani Meow?

Aswani MEOW, or A/M for short, is a well-known figure in the Thai gachatuber community. Her channel has 450 thousand subscribers. As of June 2023, the Main Channel has 115 videos with a combined total of over 67 million views. On April 15, 2017, she launched her YouTube channel. She is well recognized for her music videos, short films, and other creative works.



  • Aswani
  • Wani
  • Aswanee
  • AM

Date of Birth: February 9th
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Straight
Nationality: Thai

Aswani Meow Official Character

Aswani has light brown hair and eyes that are a vivid bright pink color. She has dark hair that is shoulder-length or longer and is pulled back into a high ponytail. The letter ‘X’ is tattooed on Aswani’s cheek, and she has dark pink cat ears. She is decked out in a black ‘circle’ skirt, a long-sleeved tube blouse with black decorations and a black heart mark, and hot pink high heels.

Aswani Meow Talent

  • She uses Alight Motion, CapCut, ibis Paint and KineMaster to produce content.
  • Her favorite color is black and red.
  • Her favorite video is her ‘I See Your Monster’ music video.
  • She got interested in Gacha at the age of 15-16.
Aswani meow fiancee

Aswani's Fiancee

Aswani’s fiance. Aswani used to be a waitress in a restaurant, and this is where they both meet when he ate there once. Eventually, he would always come to the restaurant and start to know each other. They finally started dating in January 2020.

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