Devil Bona Biography

Devil Bona Biography


Who is Devil bona?
When did she start?
When did she debut?
Where is she from?
Let’s all find that.

Devil Bona, commonly known as Bona, is a female gachatuber who is 14 years old and primarily creates memes, trends, and GMVs. She was born on October 11th, and her zodiac sign is Libra. She creates YouTube videos on gacha life at the age of 14. On October 3, 2020, she started a YouTube channel, and since then, millions of people have seen the videos on her several accounts. Her primary YouTube channel, Devil Bona, has 1.16 million subscribers and 63 videos as of 2022. While ExtraDevilBona, her second YouTube account, has 325k subscribers and 139 videos. Last but not least, her third account Devil Bona Shorts has 33 videos and 200k subscribers.

Due to her growing YouTube fanbase, when she reached 1 million subscribers on her primary account (Devil Bona) in July of this year, she did a hair reveal in her secondary channel (ExtraDevilBona) to commemorate the occasion. She also stated in the video’s description that she might not be able to expose her entire face because of her parents’ objections for personal reasons. Many of her fans support her decision, compliment her in her video, and show respect for it. We all understand that because she’s still a minor and her parents is protecting her.

Although Devil Bona’s real name is unknown, among her YouTube subscribers, she is also referred to as Bona. Please visit our website often to see any updates we publish on her real name. She has demonstrated her talent by publishing films in a variety of styles and ideas at the age of 14, (Somehow a trend maker) in gacha community.

Bona has pale complexion and brown eyes. Devil Bona wears her blonde shoulder-length hair in an unkempt ponytail. She is dressed in a white hoodie with beige accents, white socks with beige bows, beige shoes, and a beige scarf. She also wears a hairpin in the form of a star that matches her clothing.

She is American and Korean by birth. Based on her posts, she is fluent in Korean and English. She hasn’t shown her face as of yet. Her identify and personal history are not publicly known. But her lover, Alpergold, who is also a gachatuber, has been made public by followers. They’ve been dating for a little over a month now.

Littles known about Devil Bona

Even though creating art might be difficult, Devil Bona enjoys doing it and sharing it with others via social media. Many admirers of gacha life are in awe of her artwork. Devil Bona received a lot of positive feedback on her social media pages, particularly on her YouTube site. As she continues to produce gacha-related video, her following on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram grows as do the number of people who play and enjoy gacha.

She made the decision to launch her own apparel line despite being a successful gachatuber at such a young age. She offers a variety of goods for sale on her website, including hoodies, mugs, phone cases, and stickers. Many of her supporters and admirers show their support for each accomplishment she makes. When someone is circulating false information about her, her supporters respect her private life and do everything in their power to stop it. That’s what you called loyalty.

Journey on TikTok of Devil Bona

She has 2.5 million followers and 54 million likes on her verified TikTok account. She enjoys editing videos about her gacha life on TikTok, and despite the criticism from haters, she has a lot of followers.

One of her most recent videos on TikTok featured the voices of her friends, as well as her own. Her close buddies go by the names of g4cha s4tan, alpergold, and alrylixx. They converse in their own tongue. Alpergold speaks Turkish, g4cha s4tan speaks Japanese, Devil Bona speaks Korean, and Alrylixx speaks English.

Her debut TikTok video was published on June 6th of last year. Many of her admirers came across it out of curiosity, and it received over 160k views. Some followers, however, claimed that it wasn’t her first video on TikTok and that no one, not even on her YouTube channel, knew what the actual first video was that she had published on the platform. Always visit our website for updates on her very first video.

Devil Bona FAQ’s

1. Who is Devil bona?

Devil Bona is a well-known 14-year-old gachatuber who mainly makes memes, trends, and GMVs. Her channel has 703k subscribers and millions of views.

2. Is the Devil in the details?

The devil Bona is in your mindset and wants to destroy you and the following post will tell you exactly how he does it. But first, don’t forget to check out my video below so you can understand who the devil is and why he hates you AND also click here on my other post on how to resist the devil and he will flee.

3. What was the Devil Bona Real Name?

There is no any official information about her real name, but Bevil Bona is also known as Bona by her subscribers on youtube.

4. What was the Devil Bona Appearance?

Bona is fair-skinned with brown eyes. Devil Bona wears her shoulder-length blonde hair in a sloppy ponytail. Her ensemble comprises of a white hoodie with beige ornaments, a beige scarf, a pair of white socks with beige bows, and beige shoes. She also has a star hairpin that matches her outfit.

5. Did Devil Bona Face Reveal?

No, as of today, she didn’t reveal her face, She has two nationalities one is US and Korea, she can speak English & Korean she mostly posts memes of her creativity.









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