How to become a Successful Gachatuber?

How to become a Successful Gachatuber?

What is Gachatuber?

A cross between “Gacha” and “YouTuber.”

Gachatubers are people who have a YouTube channel dedicated solely to gacha. These channels are far from uncommon.

Some utilize the game “Gacha Life” to do “meme modifications,” while others work on Multiple Animator Projects (MAPs).

People that make Gacha Life videos on YouTube are known as “GachaTubers,” regardless of the type of Gacha material they create.

Is becoming a Gachatuber pure gacha content only?

Not at all, Some of the Gachatuber are still playing other games like Roblox, Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact, and many others.

In becoming a successful gachatuber, we sometimes ask ourselves "how do I get my Gacha Video viral?" or "Where do i start in order to get views?" Well, here are some of my tips. 

There are 6 important tips that you need to know before you start your own Gacha Career, or atleast you need to know now.



In order to become a successful gachatuber, we should first start off by thinking about what kind of content would fit into this community or what kind of content we like, such as:

  1. -Gacha Life Mini Movies
  2. -Gacha Life Series
  3. -Gacha Life Music Videos
  4. -Gacha Animations
  5. -Gacha Skits
  6. -Memes 
  7. -Gacha Skits 
  8. and many more

you should find what content you like making and try build a community around it.


All I can say is that it’s important to be original. It is great to take inspiration from your favorite gachatuber but you should know that there is also a difference between being inspired by someone and copying them.

Originality results in an idea, something that no one else will ever be able to replicate, such as you and your content, which will be easier to identify.

Having an original idea brings a dynamic to a space that no other item has the ability to. An example is that you should try to be original by creating a unique name for your channel that only you know the meaning of. Try not to use overrated names to make your Youtube channel name stand out more.


We should seek consistency rather than complacency because it provides the former security required to manage responsibilities effectively and achieve our content creation goals. The latter is a surefire way to kill productivity and effectiveness. That’s why it’s essential for us to understand the difference, so we can help develop content in which we grow and thrive.

Consistency brings order in our organization, which helps us to achieve quality content. It also improves overall performance. People will notice this and are more likely to be satisfied with content that delivers a better quality result.

Creating a schedule for making content is great because it guides you in determining what your priorities are so that you can spend the right time on the right task.

Also be patient and remember that views will not come in straight away for most people. It takes time to build your own fan base. You shouldn’t also compare yourself to other big Gachatubers Comparison leads to unhappiness and low self-esteem. We become frustrated with ourselves for “not being good enough,” or angry with others, which is distracting and can lead to poor quality work; therefore, we should stop comparing ourselves to others and instead focus on our work in order to achieve our main goal.


Having an effective engagement with our fans and subscribers enhances our productivity and motivation. Receiving or having regular communication from our fans tends to make us more motivated, interested, and productive in making content for them.

You can add a link on Youtube that leads to your social media accounts so fans can interact with you and that you can share with them any of the stuff you make. You can also make friends with other small Gachatubers so you guys can support each other. Supportive friends, family, and fans will celebrate your success and help you learn from your failures. They provide you with the encouragement that you need to meet each challenge with determination.


Improvement is making something better. In order for us to improve in our skills at making good content, we must practice, get feedback from our fans or friends, make adjustments, and try again. 

We can also learn new skills or improve our skills by searching for tutorials on YouTube using the internet on how to animate or how to edit using some software.

There are also other Gachatuber who create good quality content using editing apps on their phones, so don’t worry if you don’t have a PC to work with!


Finally, have fun, which means don’t push yourself to upload more than you can handle. When making a video, remember to have fun, which means enjoy what you’re doing.

In addition, fun makes people more creative because it allows us to think playfully. Having fun and enjoying making content without being stressed can give us a huge boost of creativity and help us to think of more ideas we can create on Gacha, which leads to becoming more engaged and happier while making content.

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