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Which club are you going to join? Create your own anime-styled gacha universal characters and dress them up in your favorite fashion outfits to start the party! Thousands of clothes, shirts, hairstyles, weaponry, and more are available! Enter the Studio after designing your characters and build any setting you can think of! Add creatures, items, and a background of your choice! Customization is completely free.

The ultimate anime transformation game! Create your own anime characters and customize them with your favorite outfits! For boys and girls, there are hundreds of clothes, shirts, haircuts, caps, and other accessories to choose from. After you’ve finished designing your characters, head to the Studio and create any location you can imagine! 

If you’re seeking for an enjoyable, relaxed experience, don’t miss this game. Furthermore, you are free to build any scene that comes to mind. Let’s make the wallpaper more lovely and vibrant by including dogs and beautiful stuff.

Welcome To Gacha Universal, a modded version of gacha club

Made by Uniteam

Are you ready to get started? Gacha offers over 180 fighting troops to choose from! There are four various game types to choose from, including Story Mode, Tower Mode, and more! Collect gems, gold, and resources to develop, strengthen, and awaken your skills! You can also gather gems and bytes from Gacha to gain more units by playing your favorite mini-games. So, what exactly are you waiting for? Enter the Gacha Club and begin your experience right away!

Gacha-type games have been one of the year’s biggest surprises, as well as a huge success. On Google Play alone, Gacha Club, Gacha Life, and Gacha Studio have surpassed 80 million downloads. Why? Many gamers appear to prefer the ability to dress up, personalize, and show off in scenarios over the game itself.

Create a variety of colorful anime-style characters, dress them up in hundreds of outfits, and create scenes with them in Gacha Universal, a MOD version of Gacha Club. Thousands of hairstyles, outfits, accessories, weapons, pets, goods, and backgrounds are available. Everything you’ll need to let your imagination run wild and be creative.



Gacha Universal will be a unique game that will provide players with a unique experience. If you enjoy anime-style games, this is one you should not overlook. Players will be able to start hopping parties and build their own unique anime characters with this game.


Players will be able to thoroughly immerse themselves in an absolutely fantastic anime space that many people crave when they play this game. And, with the party’s joyful atmosphere and attractive anime characters, you’ll be the one who can come up with the most unique characters. The main objective for players to complete in their game is to create the most gorgeous anime characters possible.


Players can manipulate the scene in addition to creating stunning characters in their game. Gacha Universal has provided a leading professional Studio to its brilliant visual designers, allowing them to build whatever scene they can envision. The stunning scenes will create a whole that you won’t be able to take your eyes off when mixed with unique anime characters.

The game’s players will also be able to entirely choose the color of the many items that can appear in the game. A particular pet will also be necessary to ensure that your characters have the best images. Furthermore, select a preferred backdrop to accompany your avatar in over 600 various stunning positions.


  • The game will be brought to players with a simple design simulation style with an attractive playing experience.
  • The main task that players receive will be to customize the image of more than ten main characters and 90 different secondary characters.
  • Each character will be able to equip themselves with a beautiful outfit with many other supporting equipment and accessories.
  • Almost all the different items inside the game will be able to choose a color that best suits their style.
  • Choose the special character objects, a unique pet, and the best background image to be able to finish the creation.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)  

Q1. What is APK Download? Ans: The APK extension stands for Android package kit, and the APK file format is used to install Android apps (X. XE for Windows). You must manually download and run an APK file in order to install it (a process “sideloading”). 

Q2. Is it safe to download the Gacha Universal Apk file from website? Ans: APK files install apps on your system, posing a significant security risk. You must ensure that the website you are using, Yes it is very safe because it you’re gonna download it on the Google Drive. One can maliciously modify the APK before installing it and then use it as a digital Trojan horse to install and operate the mover. 

Q3. Where can I find apk files on Android? Ans: If you wish to find apk files on your Android phone, go under user-installed applications in / data/application/directory, whereas pre-installed files are in the system/application folder utilizing eS. To access it, use a file manager. 

Q4 How to find hidden apk files on an android phone? Ans: Go to the My Documents folder on your child’s Android device, then to the storage folder that you may check – either device storage or SD card. In the upper right corner, click the “More” tab once. A prompt will display, allowing you to check for any hidden files.




Credit for mod base Gacha Redux made by dellt dev:  Mobile version by usser  Uniteam:  UniAsaki  NatureThiga  TempTropolis  (the invisble spaces are wierdcore accessories they got bugged but there working)   

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