NotZoey Biography

Notzoey Biography

NotZoey Biography

A YouTube content creator and a gacha-style animator with over 669,000 subscribers, NotZoey made her YouTube debut in early 2020 and has since posted several videos that have garnered over 2 million views. The American-born artist is also known as the co-creator of the RosyClozy cartoons.

NotZoey gacha

NotZoey is a popular YouTube content creator who creates gacha-style animation. She has over 669,000 subscribers. She began creating videos in early 2020, and her first upload had over 2 million views. She is an American and the co-creator of the RosyClozy cartoons.

NotZoey is a popular YouTube content creator and a gacha-style animator. She has over 669,000 subscribers and a growing following. Her first video on YouTube had nearly 2 million views. She is an American and co-creates the RosyClozy cartoons.

The star of NotZoey’s Gacha channel is a YouTube personality who posts Gacha content and Movie Star Planet content. As of writing, she has over 1.15 million subscribers. Her birth name is Davina, and she was born under the Virgo astrological sign. Lily has brown hair and beautiful dark brown eyes.

Unbounded Productions

Unbounded Production is a 60-member team that produces animated content. Its lead director, producer, and writer, NotZoey, aims to create fun and entertaining content for its fans. Unbounded Productions has been very popular on YouTube.




Sadaze and NotZoey have become friends in the Gacha Club and share more videos. They also announce that Sadaze will design character designs for the Unbounded video game series. Sadaze’s latest original animated series is Deviance.


NotZoey is a member of the Gacha Gang. She has long, straight brown hair and unicorn corn atop her head. She also has purple eyes and white chocolate skin. Her clothing consists of a cropped white sweater with a purple top and a purple ribbon barrette. She also wears narwhal wings on her back and grey boots with white soles.

 RosyClozy’s relationship with NotZoey

The two are close and have a very good relationship. it is the creator of original products and scripts and has a talent for animating. However, she’s also known for having a darker side, like being a psychopath who punishes her victims by making scary British noises under the bed. Her hair is dark blue with cyan ombre, and she has a matching black choker with two small stars. She also wears a pair of grey-beige shoes with stars on the front.

RosyClozy has a self-titled YouTube channel where she animates realistic scenes in the gacha style. She has a large following on YouTube, with 1.5 million subscribers. Her nationality and ethnicity are unknown, as are her political and religious views.



Chloe is an English YouTuber better known as RosyClozy. She lives in England and primarily creates animation content for Gacha Life and Gacha Club. Her other video content includes The Music Freaks series. Although she’s serious about her work, she also tries to make funny videos.

Jake and Zoey have a long-standing rivalry and have been picking on each other for years. He secretly wants to be a star and is unsure whether to audition for the band competition. They have to work out their relationship for the school to succeed.

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