Who is Beowulf?

Beowulf, born on November 21, 2004 (age 18), previously known as Senpai Wolfie or Wolfie, is an American Gacha V-Tuber renowned for establishing Team Idolize and the asset Discord Server Gacha Shop. She just reached 801k subscribers last September 10/11. She was notable for her series, “Androids and Alternia.” Now, she frequently uploads tutorials, drawings, and ChibiMation videos, marking her as an esteemed editor in the Gacha community. Her future looks promising, with much positivity on the horizon.


Beowulf OC Appearance



Beo has two-tone hair: black left, white right, with a ruby-tasseled hairclip. She has pale skin, bright red eyes with swirly pupils, dual-colored eyebrows, and red swirls on rosy cheeks. She also sports red devil horns and two spirit orbs; left red and right blue.


Beo has two-toned hair and fluffy ears: black left, light cream right. Her right ear features a gold piercing. She has glowing red eyes, pinkish-red horns, and a cyan tongue. Two buns adorn the back of her head. Her attire includes sleeves with a white to blue gradient, a red corset-style shirt with a triangular cutout, and a black dress with a gold button atop the skirt cutout. She’s accompanied by two blue, fire-shaped orbs.

Talent of Beowulf

Beo stands out for her expertise in rigging, graphic design, and animation, which are prominently showcased on her channel alongside her engaging personality. Her videos, including tutorials and promos for Gacha Shop & Chibimation, highlight these skills. Additionally, she is recognized for managing teams like Team Idolize and Gacha Shop.

Trivia about Siege YT

Siege operates a Discord server aimed primarily at a PG-13 audience, denoted by the “(13+)” or “(Must be 13+)” notice accompanying the server’s link.

  • Beo founded Team Idolize and later stepped down as director.
  • She uses KineMaster, Procreate, ibis Paint X, and Live2D Cubism to create captivating content.
  • Beo is renowned in the community for her GD/CM dev logs and exceptional art.
  • She’s currently developing a community-asset store called Gacha Shop.
  • Beo has a brother.
  • Her magnetic personality easily draws attention.
  • She’s spearheading the development of an app, ChibiMation (previously Gacha Designer), with a dedicated team of artists. Fem Lol is the developer, and Beo is one of two graphic designers.
  • Her new model’s eyes have the ability to turn blue.


Siege YT OC Code

She does not have an OC offline/online code.

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