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About Blade Art Online (BAO)

🢣 BAO, a SAO-inspired game, focused on bringing you on an immersive adventure. Enter a carefully crafted virtual world, embark on thrilling quests, face exhilarating challenges, and push your skills to the limit. Shall you be lonely, form guilds, forge alliances, and conquer formidable foes with friends. Let creativity unleash victory! (Please note that any of the sneaks shown are prone to change and shall not be considered as final changes.)🢢

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🢣 Blade Art Online

What is Sword Art Online?

SAO takes place in a virtual reality MMORPG called Sword Art Online, developed by Akihiko Kayaba. Players enter the game using a virtual reality headset called the NerveGear, which stimulates their senses and immerses them in the virtual world. The game’s premise centers around a fateful event where players find themselves trapped within the game and unable to log out.

Key Features and Mechanics of SAO

  • Virtual Reality Immersion: SAO’s groundbreaking feature is its ability to transport players into a fully immersive virtual world, allowing them to experience the game as if they were physically present.
  • Permadeath: In a grim twist, Kayaba reveals that if a player dies in the game or attempts to remove the NerveGear forcibly, they will face real-world consequences.
  • Floor System: The virtual world of SAO consists of a series of floors, each with its own environment and challenges. Players must clear each floor’s boss to progress further.

Who is CanuteGames?

Introducing CanuteGames, a Roblox game development studio that is focused on bringing eye-catching games with a relentless pursuit of greatness. Our team of passionate individuals is dedicated to crafting unforgettable visual experiences that push boundaries and redefine what is possible with Roblox studio. (Images shown made by our developers.)


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Blade Art Online

FAQ of Blade Art Online

  • Question: When will the game release?

    Answer: It is estimated to release before the end of the year if everything goes well.

  • Question: How can i obtain Tester?

    Answer: Tester can only be obtained via subscribing to the Patreon (One Time Purchase) as of the moment. However, applications may possible open in the near future.

  • Question: Will the game be mobile compatible?

    Answer: Not on release, but it definitely will be an aspect further along development

  • Question: Will the game be free?

    Answer: As of the moment, the plan is for it to be free to play.

  • Question: What are the requirements for Content Creator?

    Answer: The requirements are the following:

    Youtube > 5k Subscribers + An average of 1k views Twitch > 3k Followers + Decent amount of views per stream TikTok > 10k Followers + An average of 3k views

  • Question: How do i become a member of staff?

    Answer: Occasionally, we will host applications regarding the position if we are in need of more

Sword Art Online Gameplay

  • Gameplay Mechanics and Features

    SAO offers a rich gaming experience with its unique gameplay mechanics and features. Let’s delve into the various aspects that make playing SAO an exciting and challenging adventure.

    Combat System and Sword Skills

    SAO employs an intuitive combat system that allows players to engage in fast-paced battles using various weapons and skills. The game introduces a unique skill system called “Sword Skills,” which enables players to unleash powerful attacks with their chosen weapon.

    Guilds and Player Interactions

    Players in SAO have the opportunity to form or join guilds, which provide a sense of community, support, and strategic advantages. Guilds allow players to collaborate, embark on challenging quests together, and compete in events and raids.

    Crafting, Itemization, and Equipment Progression

    SAO incorporates a robust crafting system that enables players to gather resources, craft items, and enhance their equipment. Players can obtain rare materials through exploration or defeating powerful monsters, fostering a sense of progression and customization.

    Quests, Events, and Raids in SAO

    The world of SAO is brimming with quests, events, and raids that offer thrilling challenges and rewarding experiences. Players can embark on epic quests, participate in engaging events, and tackle formidable raid bosses to earn valuable rewards and advance their characters.

    “Aren’t you excited if BAO Implemented all of the SAO’s Gameplay?”

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The Blade Art Online (BAO) is not yet live but hopefully we can play the game this year. For now you can join the Discord server for more updates about the game. 

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