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“I’m making scary British noises under your bed.”
– RosyClozy’s well-known slogan

Chloe, also known as RosyClozy online, is an English Gachatuber who lives in England, United Kingdom. She is well-known for creating animation for Gacha Club and, in the past, Gacha Life. The Music Freaks, a popular Gacha series, was also created by her.

Chloe (born May 20, 1997 [age 25]), also known as RosyClozy (or simply Mother Rosy) on YouTube, is an English YouTuber who primarily creates animation content for Gacha Club and, previously, Gacha Life.
She is well-known for creating multiple animated series on Lunime games, the first of which was a now-unlisted fan-fiction series called “Drarry,” and the most popular of which was “The Music Freaks.”


In addition, she is well-known for her skits, Music Freak series, and mini-movie series titled “My Drawing Came To Life?!” and “The Boy with Bad Luck”/”Girl With Good Luck.” She then continued with a Gacha Life Mini Movie titled “My Drawing Came To Life,” which garnered 6M views and was one of her most well-liked Gacha videos in 2019. In the end, RosyClozy gave the GLMM a second and third installment. She created a poll for her fans to vote on whether they preferred a voice-acted or subtitled GLMM in the middle of 2020. RosyClozy is now working on her voice-acted series, “The Music Freaks,” because her fans requested a voice-acted GLMM.


When it comes to bad manners, RosyClozy’s character is easily transformed to appear as a harmlessly relaxed person. However, the character is well known for having a darker side as a homicidal psychopath who would punish the victim by making “scary British noises” under his or her bed.


RosyClozy’s hair is dark blue with a light cyan ombré and a hairclip resembling a moon and a star. She’s dressed in a black gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves and a matching black choker with two small stars. Her shoes are grey-beige in color, with stars on the front and sole.


Rosy has the ability to write scripts, create original products, animate, and so on. Her current series, The Music Freaks, was a success because of those abilities.

Littles known about RosyClozy


RosyClozy and NotZoey appear to be close. RosyClozy uploaded a video of herself doing NotZoey’s dares that she had announced to her fans on July 18, 2020. Along with a solid friendship with NotZoey and other gachatubers. She appeared in The Music Freaks episode 2 with her own voice.

Online Sukie
Sukie and Rosy appear to be close. Rosy also gave her a cameo in The Music Freaks ep. 1/2.

Journey of RosyClosy

RosyClozy launched her channel on April 15, 2019, and posted her first video, titled “Changes,” a Drarry (Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy) fan-fiction series, on the same day, both of which were unlisted. She continued to post videos before releasing a Gacha Life mini-movie titled “My Drawing Came To Life,” which quickly went viral and became one of the most popular Gacha Life videos in 2019. Chloe created parts two and three due to its popularity and increased demand. However, after The Music Freaks was created in 2020, there have been no Drarry videos since then, and the majority of them have been unlisted.

She also created a Gacha Life video titled Boy With Bad Luck, which was followed by a sequel titled Girl With Good Luck.
She kept her face hidden until February 12, 2021, when she posted a video titled “This is My Face” in celebration of her one millionth subscriber. It became an unintentional trend that lasted a few weeks.

The Music Freaks
The Music Freaks, abbreviated as TMF, is a voice-acted Gacha Life and Gacha Club musical series that premiered on April 25, 2020. It was announced on March 16, 2020 via Instagram when Chloe posted a photo of Millicent (Milly) in a school uniform.

The final episode was released on March 26, 2022, and there are plans to end season 1[1] with the tenth episode. The Music Freaks has a running time of 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The series revolves around a teenage boy named Jake who has a crush on a girl named Daisy, which his friends (dubbed the Jomies) make fun of. Jake believes he can win Daisy by participating in the band competition and becoming the lead singer for the music club.

The most viewed episode has 7.9 million views since its inception, and it has a massive fan base and community. Every episode has received at least 2 million views.


Jake Sterling

Jake Sterling (voiced by PeachGod): Jake is the series’ main protagonist. He is easily manipulated or distracted, and he is frequently referred to as a “simp.” He has a strong interest in singing but doesn’t talk about it much because his friends don’t support him; he is the lead singer for the music club, but it’s unclear whether he will perform with the music club due to the events of episode 9. He is the first and only character to be made into a plushie, and he was available for purchase between August 14 and 28, 2021, and November 27, 2021 – Mid-August, 2022. .[2]

Millicent “Milly” Brooks

Millicent “Milly” Brooks (voiced by Charlie Rowen): Milly is the music club’s main guitarist. As stated in the Redemption GLMV, she can be quite fierce with people and does have issues with violent outbursts in episodes 3 and 9, earning her the moniker “pink haired devil.”

Hailey Austin

Hailey Austin (Voiced by RaikooA; formerly by VeeahBee): Hailey is the music club’s president, and according to Sean, she can do anything with music. Hailey is seen playing the guitar while the music club is rehearsing at the beginning of episode 6, but she can also sing like Jake. In episode 8, it is explained that, while Hailey can sing, she is unable to perform on stage due to stage fright, which she developed in middle school. In fact, episode 8 focuses on Hailey’s stage fright.

Zander “Alexander” Wickham

Zander “Alexander” Wickham (voiced by Robert Cossyleon): Zander is the music club’s main pianist. He is known for being tense with everyone and is not afraid to express his rage. He was always skeptical of Jake when he auditioned because he suspected something was wrong because Zander believed Jake was singing for selfish reasons rather than genuine passion; however, in episode 9, he eventually convinced the other music club members of Jake’s dark side. He is currently in a relationship with Luke, and many fans enjoy making posts about the “Lander”[3] ship, and there is even merch depicting Luke and Zander chilling in a sandwich .[4]

Luke Peterson

Luke Peterson (voiced by Mark Lee): Luke is one of the most laid-back music club members (aside from Sean). He is the music club’s drummer and refers to his drums as “his baby.” He dislikes seeing people fight, so he does his best to separate them when they begin to fight. Luke had a crush on his childhood friend Zander, it was revealed in episode 4. He eventually started dating Zander, and they kissed at the end of the fifth episode.


Drew (DoshVO): Drew is the series’ rich kid who is extremely toxic. He harasses The Music Club solely because of their interests, referring to them as “the music freak club (hence the series’ title)” or something similar. When Jake reveals that he is a member of the music club, he is very unsupportive of him and even taunts the music club as a result.


Zoey (voiced by Ronix_VA): Zoey is Drew’s girlfriend, she has a strong hatred for the music club just like her boyfriend, she also gets into fights with Milly (who is the main guitarist) which were caused because Zoey snooped into Milly’s diary and took out a page from it. She can appear spoiled in front of her boyfriend because she is constantly demanding and complaining when she does not get her way.


Other people’s characters
Daisy (voiced by Harudori): Daisy is a cheerful and supportive character who suggested to Jake that he enter the competition because it “would be a shame if his talent went to waste” after hearing Jake sing on the roof. Daisy has become friendly with Sean following a conversation in episode 7 in which they both discussed doing things to feel free and happy.

RosyClozy’s Trivia

1. In real life, she has a boyfriend who goes by the moniker “JAYJVY” on the internet.
2. She has a preset in Gacha Club. (1st Page, 4th along the top)
3. Her series The Music Freaks has its own wiki, which is managed by Harudori, Daisy’s voice actress.
4. RosyClozy revealed in her Q&A video that she used to have a Roblox account called ‘ieScissors.’ She is also known as the Richest Gacha Robloxian, as 4. She has over 10 Limited for a total of 2k Robux.
5. The Gacha Community refers to her as the Psycho Mom and the Queen of Procrastination.
6. She is now the most subscribed Gachatuber.
7. She and her fans frequently make jokes about her being a psychopath.
8. She is also known for making terrifying noises under people’s beds.
9. She takes her work seriously, making her videos formal but fun.
10. She recently created a channel membership and officially refers to those who have it as “Rosebuds.”
11. Her OC/Gacha Persona is similar to ItsFunneh from We Never Learn and Fumino Furuhashi from We Never Learn.
12. Chloe majored in Japanese and graduated in 2019.
13. On February 11, 2021, she revealed her face.
14. She mostly plays Minecraft Bedrock Edition because of her LenTotally Gaming Channel bedrock edition video appearances.
15. RosyClozy is her username because “Rosy” refers to her rosy cheeks and “Clozy” is Chloe’s amusing nickname.
16. Chloe’s hair used to be blue, but due to some complications, she had to get rid of it and dye it brown. On February 11, 2021, she celebrated her one millionth subscriber with a face reveal video. When she uploaded it, her hair was dyed blue once more. Chloe’s hair was currently dyed black and light purple








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