FNF Week 6: Hating Simulator

Friday Night Funkin’ Week 6: Hating Simulator – A Deep Dive

Welcome to a comprehensive guide on Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) Week 6: Hating Simulator. This week has garnered significant attention from the FNF community, and for good reason. Let’s dive into the pixel-styled world of dating sims and explore the intricacies of this iconic week.


Friday Night Funkin’, often abbreviated as FNF, has taken the rhythm game world by storm. Its unique blend of catchy tracks, engaging gameplay, and memorable characters has made it a fan favorite. One week, in particular, stands out: Week 6: Hating Simulator. This week, featuring pixel art by Moawling, is a homage to the classic dating sim video games, and it’s packed with surprises.

Overview of Week 6

Week 6, aptly titled Hating Simulator ft. Moawling, is a standout set of levels in the FNF series. Released on the 2nd of February, 2021, it coincided with Pixel Day, a celebration started by the platform Newgrounds in 2016.

Main Antagonists: Dive into the Characters

  • Senpai: The dreamy dating sim love interest that challenges our protagonist, Boyfriend, in a rhythmic battle.
  • Spirit: A tortured soul, this character has a backstory intertwined with Daddy Dearest, another iconic character from the FNF universe.

Setting the Scene: Locations in Week 6

The battles of Week 6 take place in a pixel-styled dating sim video game. The primary setting is The School, a location that undergoes various visual transformations as the tracks progress:

  1. Senpai Track: A daytime setting with a stone path leading to a high school. Cherry blossom petals float down, creating a serene atmosphere.
  2. Roses Track: The ambiance shifts slightly. The background girls now appear with a shocked expression, hinting at the impending drama.
  3. Thorns Track: A nightmarish transformation. The once vibrant setting now appears broken and distorted, setting the stage for the climactic battle.

Unique Aesthetic Effects

Week 6 is distinct for its pixel art style, altering the appearance of both Boyfriend and Girlfriend. This style extends to the UI, with UI alterations like the text, arrows, and character icons getting a pixelated makeover. Even the Game Over screen gets a chiptune twist, aligning with the week’s theme.

Musical Journey: Tracks and Cutscenes

The tracks for this week are a treat for the ears:

  • Senpai
  • Roses
  • Thorns

Additionally, there are cutscene tracks like Lunchbox and Lunchbox (Scary) that add depth to the narrative.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • The name “Hating Simulator” is a nod to the dating sim video game genre.
  • The game files for Week 6 humorously have “weeb” labels, poking fun at the dating sim style.
  • The pixel art for this week was crafted by Moawling.
  • Week 6 introduced several firsts for FNF, including a new art style, UI changes, and track-specific cutscenes.

Visual Gallery

Boyfriend's Pixel Art Senpai's Singing Animation … [Add more images as needed]



Friday Night Funkin’ Week 6: Hating Simulator is a testament to the game’s ability to innovate and keep players engaged. From its pixel-styled visuals to the memorable tracks like Thorns and Roses, this week is a treat for both new and returning players. Whether you’re a fan of Senpai, intrigued by Spirit, or just love a good rhythm game, Week 6 has something for everyone.

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